It is the year 1999, at the end of the millenium a group of five people go to Las Vegas in order to have the time of their life - to have FUN. Who is the one to make most of it? It is a race for fun. It is the "Las Vegas - funomania".

beate charlotte martine oliver otto
The game
  The city of Las Vegas is the playing field. The five people - beate, charlotte, martine, oliver and otto are the characters and you are the player. The winner of the game is the one, whose character has had the most FUN until 30th.Nov. in the city of FUN - Las Vegas.
Your job
  • Choose one of the characters and get her/his private password within 24 hours from the characters`page.
  • Now you can enter your choosen characters´ private area via the gate and communicate with your character, give her/him orders and advice, what to do and where to go, using coordinates from the map (for example" K 7",have a look on the playing field). Cut to the chase: communicate with them! charlotte: because of the fact that charlotte is not able to write/talk, everyday one of the other characters is her sponsor. This position is changing everyday and gets an additional bonus point.
  • To get more information about your character, study his profile on the characters`page or ask in the players´lounge. There you also can chat with other players and discuss the "topic of today".
  • Never forget: the goal is to improve her/his 'funlevel' - to have more FUN than the others.
  • informations on how your character is doing and who is leading on points can be viewed in the score. All characters are obliged to document their steps and the log of the game can be watched in there, too.
The fun
Here you can see what fun means
  1. surprise, thrill, kick
  2.amusement, enjoyment, entertainment
  3.harmony, relaxation, balance
  4.playfulness, have a good laugh, humor
  5.satisfaction, gratification, ecstasy, orgasmic experience
The points
The categories of fun
material fun
emotional fun
physical fun
intellectual fun
The prize
the character who collects most of the points until the 30th. of Nov.99 will win this game!
If your character is the winner, you can tell him/her where to gamble with the hundred dollar and you will get the whole share of this evening! Or you will get souvenirs worth a hundred dollars from the biggest souvenir shop on earth.  
  So let the games beginn...
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